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An easily apllied product for treating small imperfections and pin holes on painted surfaces prior to overcoating. The product is generally used in the automotive refinish trade. Chemical Basis: Formulated on an alkyd and nitrocellulose combination and filled with fine particle size extenders. General Qualities: Easy application quick drying and easy to sand. Physical properties:   Density:  Typical 1.2 Flash Point: below 23 degree C Solid content 60-65 % Viscosity: paste Spreading rate: Colour Availabiltiy: Black, Grey Recommended Surface: Preparation: Should only be applied over a suitable primed surface. Surface should be thoroughly cleaned, dry and free of dust, oil and grease. Recommended Primer: N/A Overall Coatability: After rubbing it down it can be coated with most types of  automotive primers & topcoats Recommended Thinner: N/A Application: Mixing Ratio: 1pack product Application Method: Putty knife or felxible applicator plastic Viscosity: paste Recommended D.F.T.  Drying Conditions Surface Dry: 20-30 mins depending on temperature and thickness apllied Flash off time: N/A Pot Life: N/A Health and safety Data Use in a well ventilated flameproof area. Protective Clothing, gloves & goggles should be worn with an air fed mask when spraying. Storage: Products contain highly flammable solvents. Store in a flame proof area, away from any source of flame or excessive heat. The information herein is accurate and factual to the best of our knowledge and is given in good faith, However, no warranty is implied or expressed in respect of any recommendation or suggestions contained herein. The onus is on the end user to ensure the sustainability of this product to meet their requirements. Health & Saftey procedures when using this product are the end users responsibility.
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